About Me

Hi, I’m Keith Cascio. I’m running for California’s 55th Assembly district as a moderate pro-choice Republican in 2024.

With a population of 476,444 people, the 55th is 29.18% Black, 24.82% Latino, and 10.59% Asian. Of our 300,883 registered voters, 22.4% are Black, 20.7% are Latino, 7.0% are Asian and, by party, 8.4% are Republicans, 65.4% are Democrats, 20.9% are NPP (no party preference), 2.4% are American Independent, 0.6% are Libertarian and 0.4% are Green. In other words: 34.6% non-Democrat.

By age, 18.5% of registered voters are 18-29, 32.2% are 30-45, 27.8% are 46-64 and 21.5% are 65+.

I’m chair of the Republican Committee for the 55th District (i.e. the same district in which I live and which I’m running to represent in the State Assembly) since Jan 30, 2022, and I’m the Treasurer of the Los Angeles County Republican Party (a member of the executive board) since Dec 10, 2022. I was elected a member of LAGOP in the March 3, 2020 Republican primary, with 2,636 votes, and began serving January 1, 2021.

I am originally from Brooklyn, New York. I’ve lived in Los Angeles, mostly West LA, for 21 years. I am a software developer. I worked at UCLA for eight years, and since 2010 I work for a major tech company in Silicon Beach.

I currently live in Mar Vista.