About Me

Hi, I’m Keith Cascio. I’m running for California’s 55th Assembly district as a moderate pro-choice Republican in 2022.

With a population of 476,444 people, the 55th is 29.18% Black, 24.82% Latino, and 10.59% Asian. Of our 300,883 registered voters, 22.4% are Black, 20.7% are Latino, 7.0% are Asian and, by party, 8.4% are Republicans, 65.4% are Democrats, 20.9% are NPP (no party preference), 2.4% are American Independent, 0.6% are Libertarian and 0.4% are Green. In other words: 34.6% non-Democrat.

By age, 18.5% of registered voters are 18-29, 32.2% are 30-45, 27.8% are 46-64 and 21.5% are 65+.

I’m chair of the 55th AD GOP Central Committee and I’m a member of LAGOP. I was elected to the board in the March 3, 2020 Republican primary, with 2,636 votes, and began serving January 1, 2021.

I am originally from Brooklyn, New York. I’ve lived in Los Angeles, mostly West LA, for 21 years. I am a software developer. I worked at UCLA for eight years, and since 2010 I work for a major tech company in Silicon Beach.

I currently live in Mar Vista.